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My art – photographs, chemigrams, video and now installation – is a space for contemplation, reflection and peacefulness. Through abstract images, the world is both recognizable and rendered unfamiliar.  Viewers both see what I want them to see and also what their own individual experience reveals.


Music has the same properties of finite form and open interpretation.  I come from a musical background, trained as a classical violinist, having played in punk rock bands and other experimental groups.  This kind of collaboration with others revealed the power that multiple like-minds have on creative activity, a power I also find in the artists groups I currently belong to: Project Dispatch, the Postcard Collective, and Sparkplug 4.0.


But solo contemplative practices have influenced my work as well – consciousness-altering activities including yoga, meditation, spiritual philosophy and sensory deprivation (through the use of floatation tanks).  These practices have focused my attention inward and made me reconsider some of the images I am drawn to, particularly reflective surfaces like water and mirrors.  These images make me wonder how we present ourselves to others and who we really are. Are we the collection of our possessions? Are we our thoughts? How do we alter our responses and act according to our surrounding environment?  How do we find and live as our true selves.


My work seeks to address, if not answer, these questions.




Publications and Exhibits


Editor’s Choice Award, National Association of Photoshop Professionals, 2008


Black and White Magazine, 2008


Black and White Magazine, 2009


Gallery 1469, Washington DC - “Majority Rule” - group exhibit,  November 2012


Postcard Collective - "Life and Death", March 2013


Postcard Collective - "Exchange" - June 2013


OuterSpace Gallery, Washington DC - “Mint Condition”, group exhibit, July 2013


Transformer, Washington DC - "Project Dispatch", group exhibit, November 2013


Postcard Collective - "Objects in Motion", November 2013


Empty Stretch, Washington DC - Photo projection, November 2013


Studio 1469, Washington DC - Solo Show "Absorption/Reflection", December 2013


John Fonda Gallery, Baltimore, MD - "Unseen", group exhibit, November 2014


EMP Collective, Baltimore MD - "Survey Says", group exhibit,  December 2014


District of Columbia Arts Center, Washington DC - "Dis/Satisfaction: Permission to rewrite history, it's personal"

February 2015


District of Columbia Art Center, Washington DC - "This End Up", group exhibit, September 2016


District of Columbia Art Center, Washington DC - Power, I know it When...", group exhibit,  October 2016


Hole in the Sky, Washington DC - "Clear for Landing", group exhibit, November 2017


Flashpoint Gallery, Washington DC - "Selfie: Me, Myself and Us", group exhibit, February 2017


Smithsonian Museum of American Art, Washington DC - Selfie: Me, Myself and Us, Exhibit and Artist talk, February 2017


Honors and Awards


Editor’s Choice Award, National Association of Photoshop Professionals, 2008


Black and White Magazine, Single Image Award, 2008


Black and White Magazine, 2 Single Image Awards, 2009


Millay Colony for the Arts, Winter Shaker artist residency, March 2014

Wildacres Artist Residency , July 2014


Sparkplug 4.0 member - a 2 year artist development program by the District of Columbia Arts Center

January 2015 - December 2017







Washington Project for the Arts


District of Columbia Arts Center


Project Dispatch


International Arts and Artists at Hillyer Arts Space


The Postcard Collective




Wildacres Artist Colony



Millay Colony for the Arts