Photography is the bridge I invite you to cross over so that you can see the world through my eyes. My goal is for each photograph to move you,  the viewer,  by its beauty, simplicity and balance and lead you deeper inside the image and inside yourself. I want you to see what I see, but also see aspects of yourself in each photograph.

I seek out unexpected places where I discover fleeting dreamlike moments, sets to unknown movies and seemingly ordinary objects that are alive with harmony, rhythm and depth.

My work has recently shifted towards the aspect of reflection, ‘a folding back onto oneself’ and how focusing outward through the camera lens/artist eye has the opposite effect: that of looking deeper into the artist. This particular aspect of reflection fascinates and inspires me. My hope is that my photographs will influence you,  the viewer,  to slow down a bit, look into the image, look inside yourself and ultimately find a story in the photograph that belongs to you and you alone.



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I have always been drawn to water. Being near it brings me a sense of calm. Watching it allows my mind to wander on its own path. Water can quench and it can drown. It creates and destroys. It is formless yet it adapts to any shape. If you try to grab water it will elude you, but if you gently cup your hands you will be able to hold it. Water absorbs the world around it and reflects it back in a new form. 

This body of work explores the visually intriguing properties of water as well as its deep spiritual symbology. My hope is that you will feel the same sense of calm and positive mystery that I did when I captured these images. With the pace of life accelerating to a point where we have little time to take in the beauty of the world, I invite you to slow down a bit when exploring these photographs.  How does water's fluid nature and reflective properties apply to our lives and relationships with each other?

Jerome Skiscim is a visual artist and musician living in Washington, DC. He was trained in film and darkroom technique by his father, a photographer for Bachrach Studios in New York City. Working primarily in photography, he has expanded into video/audio installation and painting. His photographs can be found in private collections as well as publications like Black and White Magazine and Photoshop User Magazine  He is the recipient of three Excellence Awards from Black and White Magazine, a publishers choice award from the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and an International Spider Award of Merit for Black and White Photography. He is an active member of Washington Project for the Arts, District of Columbia Art Center, The Postcard Collective and Project Dispatch. During the day he restores antique stringed instrument bows using materials like silver, fossil mammoth ivory and mother of pearl. Jerome is the father of twin girls and he is presently working on a new electronic music release, a new series of video/audio installations and several new photographic and chemigram projects. 





Publications and Exhibits


Editor’s Choice Award, National Association of Photoshop Professionals, 2008


Black and White Magazine, 2008


Black and White Magazine, 2009


Gallery 1469, Washington DC - “Majority Rule” - Group Exhibit,  November 2012


Postcard Collective - "Life and Death", March 2013


Postcard Collective - "Exchange" - June 2013


OuterSpace Gallery, Washington DC - “Mint Condition”, Group Exhibit, July 2013


Transformer, Washington DC - "Project Dispatch", Group Exhibit, November 2013


Postcard Collective - "Objects in Motion", November 2013


Empty Stretch, Washington DC - Photo projection, November 2013


Studio 1469, Washington DC - Solo Show "Absorption/Reflection",  December 2013



Honors and Awards


Editor’s Choice Award, National Association of Photoshop Professionals, 2008


Black and White Magazine, Single Image Award, 2008


Black and White Magazine, 2 Single Image Awards, 2009


Black and White Spider Award, 2 Nominee Awards, 2013


Millay Colony for the Arts, Winter Shaker artist residency, March 2014,

Wildacres Artist Residency , July 2014,







Washington Project for the Arts


District of Columbia Arts Center


Project Dispatch


International Arts and Artists at Hillyer Arts Space


The Postcard Collective







Millay Colony for the Arts




Black and White Spider Awards